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Hey folks.

Wagner and I have been having an all-out email war over use of the terms Aves
and Avialae. He says Avialae should be used because of priority, but I said that
priority rules don't go for higher taxa, PLUS 'Aves' is just a tad older than
'Avialae' (like, more than 230 years older..). But _he_ says that, under the new
clad-rules, priority goes for whichever term was first published in a
phylogenetic context (i.e. defined in a cladistic framework) _and_ these
priority rules apply to all taxon names. 

So, what gives? I thought that workers chose whatever higher taxa they wanted
depending on the names they most want to express (certainly the case judging
from Sereno _et al_'s theropod trees!). I know this doesn't go for family and
subfamily rank names, and I recall the dispute over choice of names Segnosauria
vs. Therizinosauroidea. So, have Hennigian rules stabilised priority rules with
regard to higher taxon names?

If so, an end to speculation that Dinosauria might be re-named Hyposauria (an
Uncle Bob article in _Omni_ some years back):-)

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