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Re: Herbivore protection

Bruce Thompson wrote:

> I've got an image of Maiasaura employing the kildeer defense--luring
>predators > away from the nest by pretending to be wounded.

to which John Bois responded:

> I do like the image and I believe any and all bird behaviors ought be entered
> in for consideration.

No. *Specific* behaviors in extant animals are *not* applicable when
discussing extinct forms, only general behaviors. Birds and crocodilians
gather together in groups, have social interaction, communicate vocally,
nest communally, care for their young... these are general behaviors that
fall into the extant phylogenetic bracket and are applicable to dinosaurs.
Citing specific behavior that is found in few extant forms is not valid
reasoning. And how can any of the hadrosaurs, which are known to nest
communally, be compared to killdeer, which are solitary? Not much of a
behavioral similarity.

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)