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Betty Cunningham wrote:
<<How big was a clutch of Miasaur eggs and can you imagine a pouch large
enough to carry them all to transition size?>>

Well, I'd estimate a full 12 egg clutch of _Maiasaura_ to be roughly 6 litres
in volume (about a gallon and a half, give or take), so it wouldn't be too
terribly large....  However as the babies grew big enough to keep up, they
would quickly outgrow any sort of pouch on the parent, come on, we've got at
least ten babies in there, not one.  Another problem is the difficulty an
adult would face when setting down to rest, the babies would have to get out
of the pouch so they wouldn't be crushed, thus leaving them vulnerable to

One last thing....  _Maiasaura_'s relative, _Hypacrosaurus_ is estimated to
have total clutch sizes of around 50 litres (near 12 gallons).  I doubt that
evolution would favor eggs that big if hadrosaurs had to run around with
pouches full of babies......

Peter Buchholz

"Veggie-saurus Lex! Veggie-saurus!"