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Glue Stabilization - Help


I have a question posted on The Paleo Forum:

Subject: Mosasaur in Ground 
From: Steve Johnson
Email: mydogyogi@aol.com

How is the best way to separate a frontal bone that seems to be attached
or laying directly on top of the right lower jaw? I have removed these
from the field, but have not made a positive identification as to whether
Tylosaur or Clidastes or whatever.  Don't want to destroy any bones.
What's the best glue to stabilize these fragile bones?
I need a quick response as I am returning to the site this weekend to
extract more skull bones and jaws.


If anyone with an answer could either write to this guy directly or post
it as a response to the Paleo Forum, I'd very much appreciate it.



Matt Fraser
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