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Re: K-T selection event

jamolnar wrote:

>Which is a big reason why I think there's still a missing element.  For
>a hundred years people have been trying to find a single coherent
>explanation for the K-T extinction, land, sea, and air, and no one has
>ever managed it.  To me, that indicates a strong possibility that we're
>asking the wrong question -- that we can't find one cause for _all_ the
>extinctions because they didn't all have the same cause.

Exactly!  Because the extinctions were so diverse, it is possible that a 
number of causes existed.

>dinosaurs got the chop because of some massive upheaval in land
>ecosystems, while marine groups got taken out for different reasons.
>Ammonites pose the least mystery of all -- they'd gone through mass
>extinctions several times in the Mesozoic, and in at least one of those
>cases they were down to just two or three genera.

I was just wondering if mosasaurs could have hunted ammonites to 
extinctions.  Most analysis says that mosasaurs were more than fond of 
ammonites and that their populations were exploding in the Cretaceous.