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Re: Lost World physics (SPOILER)

jrhutch@socrates.berkeley.edu (John R. Hutchinson) wrote:

>2) I don't think the Heisenberg (sp?) uncertainty principle was used
>correctly by Dr. Malcolm. I didn't quite catch what he was saying, but I
>think he was really talking about Schrodinger's cat or something of that
>ilk. Aww heck, he had his tenure revoked, so he had paid his karmic dues

No, Malcomb's usage was correct. The Heisenberg principle refers to the
behavior of subatomic particles reacting to the experimentor's measuring
devices and expectations. Hence, the notion that the act of observation
changes the outcome of the event being observed. Schrodinger's Cat is along
the lines of parallel universes. In the analogy a cat inside a box is both
alive and dead at the same time but the reality in this thread of
space/time is not determined until the box is opened and the event is
actualized. The other reality still exists but no longer for this thread. I
know this sounds convoluted and without going into alot of background and
detail and context of what the analogy is supposed to illustrate, it may
make seem nonsensicle. But that's the general idea.