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RE: *Spoilers* TH comments on LW-JP

>Stegosaurus: too damn big, tail spines articulated incorrectly (as 
>& Small and Olshevsky & Ford have both shown).  The baby Stegosaurus: that
>head was too damn big (it was almost as large as that of a real adult S.
>stenops!).  Also, here (as with the Tyrannosaurus unit): a single baby? 
>data suggests that most (if not all) dinosaurs laid nests in big clutches.
>Okay, so perhaps there was a limit to the number of baby Stegosaurus models
>they wanted to construct, but just once I'd like to see a nest full of baby

About the Stegosaurs....maybe it's me, but......I haven't seen the movie 
(but I will own the tape...), but having seen the trailer about the 
Stegosaurs several times, it seems to me the they change sizes during the 
clip.  If you look closely at the relative sizes of the humans and the 
stegos in the first few seconds (before the bald guy stands there with his 
mouth open), it seems as if the humans are about hip height on the stegos. 
 But a few seconds later, suddenly the stegos are twice as big!  What do you