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Re: Herbivore protection

>In the short run, it is unlikely that they were faster than T. rex.  But,
>as has already been pointed out, an herbivore need not be faster in the
>short haul, as long as it is fast enough to wear out the predator.  That is
>it need merely be faster in the *long* run.
>This is pretty much the case with modern predator/prey relationships.  A
>lion can outrun a zebra in sprinting ranges, but quickly loses out when it
>has to go beyond a sprint.

        There's another image:  a herd of Parkosauruses fleeing from a
ravening Albertosaurus.  The Parkies might be leaping and bokking like
gazelles, advertising their endurance, as if to say "You can't catch me, go
chase someone else!"
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