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John R. Hutchinson wrote:

> There does not need to be conflict between Aves and Avialae IMHO; Avialae
> (sensu Gauthier) is a stem-based taxon, while Aves (as most workers would
> use it) is node-based. Chiappe and others have recently (e.g the Mononykus
> paper in the Gondwanan dinos volume, and other recent papers by Chiappe)
> explicitly defined Aves as the most recent common ancestor of the
> Neornithes (as used by many ornithologists for the crown group birds) and
> Archaeopteryx, and all descendants of that MRCA.
> This does conflict with Gauthier's use of Avialae as the sister taxon for
> Deinonychosauria, as Novas and others have stuck with.

I had no idea the two clades were different. Does this mean that creatures
like Unenlagia and Protarchaeopteryx might be non-avian avialines?

--T. Michael Keesey
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