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Re: dinosaur museums

At 02.46 29/05/97 -0400, you wrote:
>We live in Geneva (yes Switzerland).  It will soon be time for my 
>5-yr old son and I to go off for a week of looking at museums.  
>What are the best dinosaur museums in France, Benelux, Germany 
>or Italy?  (If you know, feel free to expand your list to museums 
>on any other science topic or zoos or aquariums.)  Last summer we 
>spent a week doing London & the Natural History Museum in Paris - 
>so, been there, done that.  (Oh and also Disneyland-Paris)   ;-)
>Bill Larson

In Italy it's surely worth to visit the Civic Museum of Natural History in
Milan, the most important at national level. In the center of the city, it
hosts, beside very rich collections and attractive expositions of
today-faunas, a paleontology section with fossil records of plants and
animals, an _Allosaurus_ skeleton, skulls of _Plateosaurus_ and
_Psittacosaurus_, dinosaur eggs,  and natural-size reconstruction of
_Triceratops_ and of Triassic reptiles, beside several casts of dinosaur's
skeletons. The Museum (free entrance) is open Monday-Fryday 9.30 a.m.-5.30
p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 9.30 a.m.-7.30 p.m. (closed last monday of the month).

About 40 km north-east of Milan, the Natural History Museum in Bergamo (9-12
a.m., 2.30-5.30 p.m., closed on Monday) hosts the oldest pterosaur finding
of  the world, _Eudimorphodon ranzii_, besides hundreds of fossils and
tethrapod tracks.

Between Milan and Bergamo, near the town of Rivolta d'Adda, the Prehistoric
Park ( March, 1th - november 30th, from 9 a.m. to sunset) covers  1 million
of square meters, with natural-size reconstructions of prehistoric animals
from silurian _Pterigotus_ to Neandertal Man, including, among many others,
_Stegosaurus_, _Apatosaurus_, _Iguanodon_, _Tyrannosaurus_.

I indicate also a place in the Eastern Alps, the Lavini di Marco near
Rovereto. Here it's possible to visit several dinosaur tracks, discovered in
1990. They belong to 170 individuals, theropods, ornithopods and sauropods.

If you think it may interest you, I can give you more detailed informations.

Eugenio Spreafico