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Re: Herbivore protection

On Thu, 29 May 1997, Stanley Friesen wrote:
> This method (predator satiation) is a tried and true one, widespread in
> living things today. It is used by sea turtles, grunion, sea gulls and
> penguins(dinosaur descendents), many species of oak, and on and on.

These creatures are probably not analogous to dinosaurs in this respect.
Sea turtle babies spend less than a day in the open air.  Before that they
are hidden under much sand.  Lay and leave policies reduce predation.
Maiasaurs probably tended their nest. 

Penguins usually take advantage of differential locational ability, i.e.,
with their swimming ability and low-temperature tolerance they can group
together in areas of low predator density, eg., hostile Antarctica, rugged
off-shore islands etc.  Again, it hard to imagine any place that a
dinosaur prey could reach that a dinosaur predator could not.
Differential abilities no doubt existed but probably not on the gradients
we see between, for example, penguins and many of the animals that would
eat them.