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Re: K-T impact theory

>King, Norm wrote:
>> This discussion, in its most recent form, began with a logical error that
>> is very very very very common in debates.  You cite an "authority" who
>> says something rather extreme about some hypothesis of theory, then
>> proceed to demolish whatever the claim was.  Then you say, "See?  The
>> theory can't possibly be true."
>Mr. Miller's claim is not extreme.  It is typical of the ideas being
>pushed by pro-impact people.
>-- JSW

        The new book "The Call of Distant Mammoths: Why the Ice Age Mammals
Disappeared" has a few asides on the science and politics of the competing
K-T extinction theories.  Sounds like it can get pointed, especially in
open forums.


        "Dammit, Philbert; what kind of a lepidopterist are you?  For god's 
man; stand up to them!"