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Re: CONGO???? UGH!

> From:          "Mark Sumner" <range@inlink.com>
> Actually, the San Diego sequence is a very faithful homage to another
> monster movie -- GORGO.

I thought "The Lost World" was an homage to, well, "The Lost World," 
you know, the 20's movie in which, at the end, the "brontosaurus" is 
brought back to "civilization" and runs amok?  Admittedly, though, 
other films are winked at, including all of those mentioned here.

> I was quite surprised at the S.D. sequence.  It didn't seem to fit in tone
> or style with the rest of the film, and while I enjoyed the extra look at
> the T.rex, it lessened the film, imho.

I agree.  It could have been fine, but the very unbelievable and 
slap-dash ship-accident transition did not allow the audience to 
suspend their sense of disbelief, so the impact of rest of the 
sequence (which was actually quite cool) is lessened because you sit 
there trying to regain the sense that it's really happening. 


I'm not interested in how dinosaurs lived
I'm just glad they're dead

Jack Horner as quoted by Dan Quayle