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San Diego sequence - SPOILER

Mark Sumner wrote:

>>I was quite surprised at the S.D. sequence.  It didn't seem to fit in tone
or style with the rest of the film, and while I enjoyed the extra look at
the T.rex, it lessened the film, imho.<<

I agree. Jody Duncan's THE MAKING OF LOST WORLD:  JURASSIC PARK is out - she
describes how the San Diego sequence was thrown together at the last minute -
within a couple of weeks of production start-up - because Spielberg had a
vision of a little boy waking up to see a T-Rex drinking from his swimming
pool. He ordered the team building a worker's village set for the final scene
to build the much less elaborate operations center we saw in the film.
Originally the ending had our heroes fighting their way through the abandoned
village, then pterandons attacked the rescue helicopter. The rest of the film
had additional scenes - these were removed to make room for the San Diego

BTW, the blonde guy who gets eaten on the streets of San Diego is David
Koepp, the writer of LOST WORLD's screenplay.

David Portree