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Re: hadrosaur predation: a thought

In a message dated 97-05-31 12:41:32 EDT, Bettyc@flyinggoat.com (Bettyc)

<< Ok, I got an idea on what hadrosaurs had as their special defense
 against predators....they were therapod mimics!  The crest down the back
 to change the silhouette profile; the flanges and knobs on the head
 covered with BIG eye-spots to confuse the predator- and there you are!
 --  >>


Either that, or the hadrosaurs' attempt at a therapod disguise so confused
the predators that after a moment's attempt at comprehension, they just shook
their heads and plodded off after a less artistic meal!!!   :)

I could just see a predatory dinosaur trying to reconcile its draconian
visiage with the ornate sweep of a parasaurolophus' headpiece!  "Well, if I
tilt my head to the side and SQUINT...I guess it looks a LITTLE bit like
Uncle Theo!  I guess I'd better not attack!"  Sorry, with some species it
might work but on the whole I think probably not!  It's an interesting
proposition, though...the idea of dinosaurs with "eye spots".  Neat!

:)  :)  :)