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references Re: K-T selection event

Paul Sparks requested "references please", in response to my post re: the K-T
selection event.  Since my post was primarily general opinion (mine) with
respect to the asteroid v multiple causes explanation of the K-T extinction,
I present this brief list which covers several angles on the topic.  It is by
no means comprehensive, and covers no specific point.  If  you were looking
for something particular, Paul, let me know.

Alvarez, et al, 1980, Extraterrestrial cause for the Cretaceous-Tertiary
extinction: Science, v.208

Sloan, et al, 1986, Gradual Dinosaur extinction...:Science, v.232

Kerr, 1987, Searching land and sea for the dinosaur killer: Science, v.237

Paul, Greg, 1989, Giant meteor impacts and great eruptions: Dinosaur
killers?: Bioscience 39

Pough, et al, 1989, Vertebrate Life, Macmillan

Keller, et al, 1993, Gradual mass extinction...: Geologic Society of America
Bulletin, v. 105

Knoll, et al, 1996, Comparative earth history and late permian mass
extinction: Science, v. 273

Happy reading.

Wayne A. Bottlick