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This is meant to be brief... I'm still with Jet-lag and barely awake, but
here we go.
I haven't been part of the Dino List for three weeks, so I don't know the
commentaries about the recent SVP meeting in general.
The great experience of meeting so many incredible people at the SVP is
still rumbling in my head. It was a privilege to be there. The most amazing
moments (at the academic level) were the exhilarating fifteen minute wonder
on carnosaurs by Bob Bakker and of course the surprise appearance of Philip
Currie, dismantling ghost 'collagen fibers' and laughable 'acuatic
theropod' theories and putting Sinosauropteryx right there where it
belongs, hollow 'feather-hair' like structures and all... Collagen fibers
my **s! (Larry Martin protests notwithstanding).

It was a good example of that old 'when you don't want to see what is in
front of you, you will NEVER see it'!

Of course it was the face to face meeting with so many legendary names what
really counted at the end: George Olshevsky, Tracy Ford, Greg Paul, Ken
Carpenter, Luis Chiappe, Sankar Chattarjee,Thom Holtz, Jim Farlow, Darren
Tanke, etc. etc.etc. Also the whole bunch of dino-art colleagues that I
most admire like Michael Trcic, Mike Skrepnick, Charlie Mc Grady, Dave
Peters, Bill Monteleone,William Stout, Brian Franczac, Larry Felder,Robert
Walter, Mary Odano's fantastic casts, etc, etc. too many to mention. Not
forgetting Mary Kirkaldy, Peter Bucholz and the Dinosaur List bunch! Thanks
to all!

I hope that the SVP pays a bit more attention to artists next time,
specially us with just an incipient reputation and short economic means.

I had an extended 2 week season with my dear friend René Hernandez in
Mexico City.
The man that 'brought' dinosaurs to Mexico with his discoveries in the
State of Coahuila is an incredibly generous person that opened the doors of
his lab in Mexico City for us and showed an incredible amount of material
and his reconstruction of a Kritosaurus (Or Gryphosaurus, hand pathology
included...a treat!) in the Instituto de Geología at the Santa María de la
Ribera quarter in the heart of Mexico City.
Tons of material (mostly Hadrosaur)are being catalogued and taken casts of.
I got lucky and he gave me a cast of hadrosaur skin from Coahuila!
Despite the general lack of enough funds, I could witness painstaking and
precise reconstruction work of a Tertiary turtle and a Glyptodon, bit by
bit like an inmense puzzle... and you know what a puzzle can be a
disjointed armour of an armadillo, and a gigantic one!
But René is really a dinosaur man and is preparing a new CD ROM to be out
soon. He is also responsible for a Jurassic World ride in a famous
amusement park in the city... the dinosaurs are not the best but they are
dynamic and some of the movements were interesting.
Definitively, the enthusiasm of René Hernandez was infectious and his
presence  refreshing and far from some of the ego-trips that we find in the
emerging dino-superstardom. Hats off to him!

Anyway, it is hard to come back after so much dinosaur euphoria...
I'm still renewing my invitation to visit my new T.rex page (and click on
all the figures for the details). I will be including a new and corrected
image of Sionosauropteryx in the next weeks (forget about those >two<
'Compsognathid' fingers... I now join the opinion that even Compsognathus
itself had three fingers)

Requests anyone?

Luis Rey

Visit my Website on http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~luisrey