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Re: _Sinosauropteryx_ fibers

> > From: Toby White <augwhite@neosoft.com>
 Its hard to see how  the fur could have a lower index of refraction
than air.
> >
> >   --Toby White

in air, yes.  
Insulation (not refraction) in subzero water? Hollow fibers certainly
would help.
Did you know (incidental side bit of polar bear trivia) that because of
this transparent hair of polar bears, they are among 2 mammals that
appear green to the human eye.  Polar bears occasionally grow algae on
their hair, which shows up against the refractiveness and brilliance of
the rest of their hair quite nicely.
Sloths are the other greenish mammal, occasionally they grow moss.

           Betty Cunningham  
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