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Re: Selective Extinction

Bettyc wrote:
>  at the SVP 94, there was a paper (which I don't have a copy of but
> perhaps someone who does might go and post the article's info-pretty
> please) that suggested that during impacts in the ocean, that the DEEP
> water currents could shift-that is, the surface currents and the deep
> water currents of a particluar area of the ocean struck by a forign
> object could swap, for however long the cataclysm might last, which
> would certainly affect what was living in the surface currents, as the
> deep ocean currents are not as oxygenated.  They also suggested that
> this deep-water could travel as quickly along the regular current,
> chilling the oceans' surfaces as well as smothering out gill-dependant
> life forms.

Yes, I agree things like this would happen in the area of the impact;
but what about the rest of the world's oceans?  I seriously doubt that
the Indian ocean would be much affected by an impact in the Caribbean,
for example.