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For those who might not have seen it, the latest issue of EARTHWATCH
magazine (November/December 1997) has a small article on Keith Rigby's
Montana dig. The site contains remains of hadrosaurs (possibly
_Edmontosaurus_ and _Parasaurolophus_), a large theropod
(?_Albertosaurus_), small theropods (?_Dromaeosaurus_ and an even smaller
"sickle-claw"), and that really honkin' big tyrannosaur (which they seem
reluctant to identify as _T. rex_; to which I have to ask, what else WOULD
it be? Could there BE another theropod in the Late Cretaceous THAT BIG that
we've never found any evidence for yet?). The pubis of the tyrannosaur
(there's a really cool photo of Rigby with a tape measure to the thing)
measures 133 cm. According to Rigby, the longest measured _T. rex_ pubis is
123 cm. The article states that the skull of the animal "measures fully two
meters long." Rigby says, "I knew we had something big when we found... the
pubis. It is *huge*. If the scaling works, this animal may be 15 percent
larger than the largest _T. rex_ on record."


Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)