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question on ankylosaurs for the list (fwd)

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Subj:   Locations of Ankylosaurus fossils in Continental U.S.

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From: Ryan S Bonney <s0rsbonn@TITAN.VCU.EDU>
Subject: Locations of Ankylosaurus fossils in Continental U.S.

Hello, my name is Ryan Bonney.  I am an amateur paleontologist and fossil
collector living in Virginia.  I have recently come into posession of a
fragment of Ankylosaurid tail club possibly from Ankylosaurus
magniventris.  This fossil is said to have been recovered from private
land somewhere in South Dakota, however my sources say that specimens of
this particular dinosaur are only known from Alberta, Canada and Montana,
U.S.A.  My question is this: What is the likelyhood that this specimen is
A. magniventris, and if not, what else might it be and from whence might
it have came?

        Thanks in advance for any replies,
                        Ryan S. Bonney
Bonnie A.B. Blackwell,                          bonn@qcvaxa.acc.qc.edu
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