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Stegosaur questions

Came across a couple of things that piqued my curiosity while paging through
Dong Zhiming's "Stegosaurs of Asia" paper in Carpenter & Currie's _Dinosaur
Systematics_ (1990)...

1) The skeletal reconstruction of _Huayangosaurus taibaii_ by Ken Carpenter
(Figure 19.5, p. 259) shows unusual processes on six of the anterior-most ribs.
These processes are semi-circular or semi-oval shaped and are located distally
on the ribs, lying below the scapula and parascapular spine on the
reconstruction. Nothing about these processes is mentioned in the text, nor are
they on the often-seen photographs of the mounted _Huayangosaurus_ skeleton.
What is the basis for the processes on the reconstruction? Are they a base for
lateral armor, or do they serve a respiratory function?

2) On page 266 Dong writes, "The premaxillary teeth are lost in
_Tuojiangosaurus_ and _Wuerhosaurus_ respectively,  and the antorbital and
mandibular fenestrae are closed in _Wuerhosaurus_." Is this a typo, or have
cranial elements been found for _Wuerhosaurus_?

3) And, on a related topic, does anyone know the etymology for _Stegosaurus
stenops_? (The _Stegosaurus_ part I can figure out...)

Thanks in advance,