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Re: _Sinosauropteryx_ fibers

I don't know if this constitutes scientific proof, but I spent six 3-month
stints on the shore-fast sea ice north of Barrow (doing bowhead whale census
work) and had many chances to observe polar bears, including two that had to
be killed after attacking a person.  While they tended to look yellowish
against the ice (much of which gets a blueish tinge as the salt leaches out
of it), I never saw any greenish polar bears.   I only worked there from
April to June, so this was not on the tundra, only shore-fast and pack ice,
but it was 24 hrs/day sunlight after the beginning of May, so there was
plenty of time for algae growth.  Some bears had dirty rumps, but many spent
much of their time cleaning (and presumably drying) themselves off with snow
during the time we observed them.  We manned our whale observation "perches"
24 hrs/day, so there was many bear sightings (some much too close for our
peace of mind).