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Re: SEQUOIAS AND SAUROPODS (WAS Re: Sequoias and t rex)

Brian Franczak wrote:
> Just a thought: how does a sauropod uproot and push over a tree when
> more-than- likely it's standing on the root system with its multi-ton body?
> Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)

if the tree is a sequoia, the roots can easily extend as much as 5 feet
(that's FEET) from the trunk.  How much distance is there between the
front legs and the back legs of a decent sized sauropod?  More than 5
feet apart?  
If the front legs are pushing the tree, the back legs are not on the
root system.
Or the sauropod can simply move out of the way when the tree begins to
lean far enough and make sure he's clear of the roots rising up under
his tummy.
           Betty Cunningham  
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