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Re: SVP and Back!

At 05:35 PM 11/3/97 -0600, George Pesely wrote:

>My only reaction when viewing all the pictures was 'My God! They're all just
>babies!!"  You all look so darned YOUNG!!  Or maybe it's just that I am
>beginning to get older  :D
>Cf. _Science_ 278 (10 Oct 1997) 219:
>"With the ranks of paleontologists dwindling and graying..."
>Belied by the Dinolist Breakfast photos!  Thanks to those concerned
>for making the pictures available.    

Not belied at all.  A) Most of the folks who went to the breakfast are not
practicing paleontologists.  B) Despite our popularity, dinosaur
paleontologists are a very tiny minority amongst paleontologists in general.
And, sad to say, the invertebrate worker population (who dominate the field)
IS graying.

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