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Spanish Moss

 Living in New Jersey has some good points, contrary to popular belief. I
was able to pick up a copy of Dodson's_The Horned Dinosaurs_ for $9.99 at a
Princeton bookstore the other day. Wayne Barlowe's color plates are quite
excellent. I have a question for you all about the dust jacket painting of
Chasmosaurus in a cypress swamp. The painting is superb, but I remember
hearing once that Spanish Moss is a post-Mesozoic taxon and as evocative and
dramatic as it is, unfortunately should be avoided by paleoartists in their
non-avian dinosaur restorations. Is this a valid statement?
 I also want to alert all you paupers out there (like me) that _Discovering
Dinosaurs_by Norell, Gaffney, and Dingus is now available at a considerably
reduced price at Barnes and Nobles and other fine bookstores. This book is a
must-have, especially for the reproductions of Erwin Christman's exquisite
renderings of the AMNH's dinosaur fossils. Sound good? You bet! Do it now.
 Dan Varner.