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OK. I know this is not about dinosaurs....
But it is soo _cool_ that It _has_ to interest you all. So I*m sending 
the letter:

Four NEW Elephant species!!!

They are previously thayght to belong to Loxodonta and Elphas (and some 
may still belong to them!) But one indian species, turns out to be 
allmost skinned! And it is much bigger than the well known Elphas, it has 
a kind of Mammuthus topped head, and a strange formed tail, this may be a 
separate genus or species. A Pigmy elephant was previously thaught to be 
sick Loxodonta africana, but is now seen in big herds, of 1-1,5 metre 
tall elephants. This one may allso be a separate genus, or species. Then 
two Loxodonta, which may be new species or subspecies, which are a 
forrest elephant and a savana elephant. They are a bit smaller than the 
known Loxodonta. They are not yet described.

Hope this was of interest, even if it was not about dinosaurs!!!


Some propaganda:

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Have fun!