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Majungasaurus Questions

                      Subject:                              Time:  11:20 AM
  OFFICE MEMO         Majungasaurus Questions               Date:  11/5/97

  Daniel Lipkowitz upon my request, sent me some photos of the Majungasaurus
skull that was on display at SVP this year.  The artist's restoration of the
head did not match that of the skull.  Was the rendering done before the
skull was reconstructed?  Also, the description of the animal says it was 35
feet long, is that based on the proportions of the drawing or is it based on
a Carnotaurus type proportion.  From what I understand there isn't a lot of
post-cranial material, but if there is a caudal vertebrae, would that be
enough to make a judgement call as to it's body type?  If it is
Carnotaurus-like, than it would be larger than 35 feet( I'm basing this
assumption on the fact that the head on the drawing is slightly to large IF
it had the flesh eating bull's proportions.)
  Is the single horn on the frontal really a horn, or was the skull touched
by the same folks who delivered Irritator? No accusations, just curious.
  I have many questions about this fascinating Abelisaur, is there a formal
description yet?

 David Krentz