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Re: Velociraptor

I have wanted to see this topic discussed for some time.  What you may
have been exposed to may have actually been a reference to _Deinonychus
antirrhopus_.  The size seems right (I don't know what happened to teh
weight).  In _Predatory Dinosaurs of the World_, Greg Paul put forth an
idea which has largely been scoffed at, but I believe has a lot of merit.
He synonymized _Deinonychus_ and _Velociraptor_.  I feel that it is
possible that this is why the _Velociraptors_ of JP were so large (I think
Michale Crichton even mentions Greg Paul as one of his influences at the
end of the book).  I don't know why this idea has received so little
attention.  It seems very possible that _Deinonychus_ could be considered
a subgenus of _Velociraptor_.  The way Greg restored the skull restored
the skull of _D. antirrhopus_ (or _V.antirrhopus_) contrasts with the
usual restoration so I made some cut-outs of the skull based on the
restoration of the known bones picture in _The Dinosauria_.  By
reorganizing them in a number of ways and using tracing paper to restore
them, I've found that Greg's restorations can be considered no less
accurate than those commonly attributed to _V. (D.) antirrhopus_.  Unless
there is newer material I am unaware of (a possibility), I feel that there
is lots of merit to these restorations and subsequently synonymizing the
two genera.

I'm sure I will get flamed, but that is my stand!  "Fire" at will!

On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, mark wrote:

> I am more than just a little confused.  I have been doing some research on
> dinosaurs and I found that Velociraptor had a size of 1.8m.  I want to know
> if this is correct.  I am under the understanding that Velociraptor was only
> about .8m tall. This information came from the Dinosaur Hunter Interactive
> software which I just picked up.  I am also interested in knowing if the
> correct weight was 15kg.  This seems a bit light for a 1.8m tall animal.
> Thanks in advance.
> -Hatch :)
> PS - I know that this was one of many mistakes in Jurassic Park and I want
> to make sure befor I play the movie for my Earth science students.  We will
> proceed to rip the movie apart after watching it.
> Thanks again