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Re: Velociraptor

> From: Jonathon Woolf <jwoolf@erinet.com>

> Your understanding is correct.  I suspect the different figures arise
> from confusing _length_ with _height_.  _Velociraptor mongoliensis_ was
> up to 180cm long from tip of nose to tip of tail, but because it held
> its body almost horizontal, its normal posture had its head only about a
> meter off the ground.

I saw you mention the wolf and converted Standard to Metric and was
surprised how close the wolf and Velociraptor are.  Wolves avg ~45-75in
nose to tip of tail or ~120-190cm.  A large male may be ~240cm.
> 15kg does seem a bit light, but not by much.  My own guess based on
> Dinamation's 3-D models would be in the neighborhood of 20-25kg.  If
> that still seems light, remember that even a large wolf is under 50kg,
> and a slender biped like _Velociraptor_ would have much less mass that a
> heavyset four-footed wolf.

A small female wolf weighs about 40lbs and small male wolf  55lbs with a
large male weighing 175lbs.  However 80-125lbs for both males and females
is average so 50kg is right on average.

It gave me a better appreciation for their size to compare as well as think
of the damage a pack could do.

 Michael Teuton

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