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Re: Velociraptor

Sean Connell wrote:
> Sean Connell wrote:
> >
> > > genera.  The flat head of _Velociraptor_ vs. the arched head of
> > > _Deinonychus_ seems to say "two genera" to me.
> > >
> > > -- JSW
>  Unless I'm very mistaken the earlier and more common reconstructions of
> the deep snouted "arched" _Deinonychus_ heads are incorrect and they
> share the long, shallow, slightly upturned (but less so) "fluted"
> snouts> with _Velociraptor_....Could be wrong of course, Sean C.

Not that this should matter in the least, but that would be a shame. 
The arched versions just look so darn cool!  Accuracy should beat out
aesthetics every time, of course, but it's nice to think the two
coincide on occasion . . .