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Sean Connell wrote:
<<Unless I'm very mistaken the earlier and more common reconstructions of
the deep snouted "arched" _Deinonychus_ heads are incorrect and they
share the long, shallow, slightly upturned (but less so) "fluted"
snouts> with _Velociraptor_....Could be wrong of course, Sean C.>>

Hmmm....  In light of some recent discoveries, it seems that both Ostrom's
"psuedo-Allosaurus" reconstruction as well as Paul's "giant-Velociraptor"
reconstructions were both right and wrong to a degree.  Paul was quite
correct in showing that the skulls were longer and lower than previously
illustrated (actually, as an aside, the individual elements had ALWAYS been
illustrated longer and lower than the psuedo-allosaurus, just never put
together in a reconstruction like that).  Paul however was wrong in bending
the nasals to look like Velociraptor's.  There were two presentations at SVP
96 about the proper head of Deinonychus that have cleared up some of the

Peter Buchholz