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RE: Velociraptor

At 05:55 AM 11/6/97 UT, you wrote:
>The "Velociraptor" in Jurassic Park was actually 
>based on Deinonychus, and it was actually pretty
>well done, except of course for the lack of feathers.
       I am not saying that this is wrong (because I don't know) But...
I read somewhere (not sure ware) that Jurrasic park was out in the thearters
when the larger "raptor" was found.  The article also said that the
velociraptors in JP were larger for effect and that it was just luck that
the newer, larger "raptor" was found
I have no idea id the "larger raptor" was Deinonychus or not.

Just trying to separate fact from fiction...Which is all this?