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RE: Velociraptor

>At 05:55 AM 11/6/97 UT, you wrote:

>       I am not saying that this is wrong (because I don't know) But...
>I read somewhere (not sure ware) that Jurrasic park was out in the thearters
>when the larger "raptor" was found.  The article also said that the
>velociraptors in JP were larger for effect and that it was just luck that
>the newer, larger "raptor" was found
>I have no idea id the "larger raptor" was Deinonychus or not.
>Just trying to separate fact from fiction...Which is all this?

The findings of the "larger" dromaeosaurid ( ya won't see me using the R
word in reference to non-falconiforme theropods!)refers to the discovery of
Utahraptor in 92. If this was nature's response to Spielbergs over-sized
ra...dromaeosaurids, she certainly aimed for overkill...at about 6 metres
in length it was somewhat larger than the JP beasties...perhaps they
force-fed them the same shrinking elixir that affected Dilophosaurus...:)

Brian Choo