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Mystery Claw??!?

Darryl  Wrote:
According to the foot that I have, a 7 cm claw IS the slashing claw.  The
other claws are about 3 cm long.  If it is long and curved, it is the
slashing claw.  If it is kind or straight, it is a running claw.

I checked the card that came with the claw.  It reads Velociraptor
mongoliensis Running Claw, 75 Million Years BP, Early to mid Campanian,
Creatceous Period, Djadokhta Formation, Shabarak USA, Mongolia.

The claw is 7 cm and is kind of straight.  THe claw is fairly wide at the
base an slopes down  to a point that is about 1.5 cm below the base.  What
the heck do I have.  
#1 An enlarged running claw.
#2 A slashing claw in the wrong package.
#3  A claw from a different animal.
#4 Something else.....

- In the dark............