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Re: Velociraptor

On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Gigi Babcock or Ralph Miller III wrote:

> The article states at one point "Deinonychus_ is not
> _Velociraptor_!"  And, for your information, Gregory S. Paul no longer
> considers them to be the same genus, either.  The authors of this two page
> article (which features a Joe Tucciarone illustration but has no images of
> the actual fossil material) was authored by Dr. W. Desmond Maxwell and Dr.
> Lawrence M. Witmer, who authored a paper on the skull material for the
> Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

I provided a statement in my post about the possibility of new
material destroying my little idea.  I didn't know if Greg Paul still
advocated the synonymy so I quoted only PDW (sorry if I offended you, GP).  

> Here is the reference:
> WITMER, L.M. and W.D. Maxwell, 1996.  _The skull of _Deinonychus_
> (Dinosauria: Theropoda): new insights and implications, _Journal of
> Vertebrate Paleontology_, 16(3) Supplement: 73A.

Thanks for the reference, I look forward to finding it sometime soon.