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Re: Velociraptor

On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Jack wrote:

> I provided a statement in my post about the possibility of new
> material destroying my little idea.  I didn't know if Greg Paul still
> advocated the synonymy so I quoted only PDW (sorry if I offended you, GP).  

This brings up something I've been wondering about. Mr. Paul, how have
your views on theropod phylogeny changed since PDW has published? I've
heard that you now consider segnosaurs/therizinosaurs as theropods, not
phytodinosaurs, and now I know that you no longer lump _Deinonychus_ into
_Velociraptor_, but what about some of the other aspects of PDW's
phylogeny, like spinosaurs as coelophysians, the
_Archaeopteryx_-dromaeosaur clade, troodontids and _Avimimus_ being the
closest non-avian dinosaurs to birds, the existence of Phytodinosauria,
the megalosaur-abelisaur clade, tyrannosaurs as advanced allosaurs, etc.?

--T. Mike Keesey
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