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Re: Velociraptor

Jonathon Woolf wrote:
>Alas, no.  The size Mark quoted was indeed correct for _Velociraptor_. 
>_Deinonychus_ is at least twice as large -- almost four meters nose to
>tail, and 150cms or more tall.  
        Umm... FOUR meters? Last time I checked _PDW_, _The Dinosauria_, and
the mounts at AMNH, the Philly Academy of Sciences and the MCZ,
_Deinonychus_ was something like two-ish meters long and around a meter at
the hip. True, Gregory Paul estimates that it *weighs* somewhere around
twice as much as _Velocirpator_, but recall that mass scales propotionally
to the *cube* of linear dimensions... Now _Utahraptor_ on the other hand, I
dunno... :)
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