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Re: Velociraptor

Jonathan R. Wagner wrote:

>  Jonathon Woolf wrote:
>> Alas, no.  The size Mark quoted was indeed correct for _Velociraptor_.
>> _Deinonychus_ is at least twice as large -- almost four meters nose to
>> tail, and 150cms or more tall.
>        Umm... FOUR meters? Last time I checked _PDW_, _The Dinosauria_, and
> the mounts at AMNH, the Philly Academy of Sciences and the MCZ,
> _Deinonychus_ was something like two-ish meters long and around a meter at
> the hip. True, Gregory Paul estimates that it *weighs* somewhere around
> twice as much as _Velocirpator_, but recall that mass scales propotionally
> to the *cube* of linear dimensions... Now _Utahraptor_ on the other hand, I
> dunno... :)

Actually, in the oft-mentioned PREDATORY DINOSAURS, Greg Paul cites (page
367) a rather large individual _Deinonychus_, "...an eleven-foot-long
animal whose head approached half a yard long...". Jonathon Woolf's "almost
four meters" does fall close to this size estimate (maybe this is what he
was thinking of), though, of course, this is particularly large individual,
not the norm.

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)