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Re: Velocirapor or Size

                      Subject:                              Time:  3:57 PM
  OFFICE MEMO         RE>Velocirapor or Size                Date:  11/6/97

  Something always bothers me when it comes to model or ilustrative
representations of dinosaurs... THEY ARE ALWAYS MAXIMUM SIZE!
Even in JP, maybe the Dilophosaurus was a young individual.
  I have to admit that I am a slave to this as well.  Whenever I sculpt
Dinosaurs I always make them the largest length found (in scale of course).
I suppose we always take for granted size variation because the scale of
dinosaurs is part of their mystique.  I once drew a young Aublysodon
pestering an Alamosaurus and then I showed it to some one who knew something
about dinosaurs.  There first reaction was " that Aublysodon's head is too
big and it's body is out of proportion.  It's overall too small. "  Another
Dinosaurphile I showed it to said that the Alamosaurus was way too big!!!

David Krentz