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Oz displays/museums

Thanks to those down-unda list members who pointed me at their fine
collection of museums and othert sites around Oz. I only got to a couple
'cause opf time constraint, but what I saw was pretty cool anyway..

I took a ton of pix and will get them all up on my web site once I get
back and get them all developed and scanned in...

My first stop on my last day in Perth was at the W.A. Museum. The
collection here was kind of small and had a few innaccuracies, but still
had some really cool stuff like a slab of Eurypterid track impressions and
fossilized stromatolites. There is a skeleton of a Muttaburrasaurus,
albeit done in classic "taildragger" style, but not haviong seen one
before(except in illos), I was willing to excuse for getting some closeups
of the skull. I'd appreciate any comments others might have on this
particular specimen or on the Gorgosaurus that was next to it. 

Other specimens which I looked at but didn't pay as much attention to were
the Phororhacos, Dinornis Maximus and Diprotodon. The Westralicthys was
pretty cool too. Humorous moment here was the guard coming up to me and
telling me I needed a permit to take as many photos as I was. nHe didn't
see why somebody who was just a tourist "would want to take that many
pictures of a bunch of bones..." I did my impression of a crazed Yank
paleo-nut and he seemed convinced and wandered off eventually.(I didn't
even take all that mnany either. I think I only shot one roll for the
whole section)

I went to the Australian Museum in Sydney yesterday and with only a couple
hours to spin around made beeline for the paleo section.  Some really nice
displays, especially for kids. The intro sliding-lattice presentation on
the Big-Bang-to-the-Archaen with the kids giving the voice-over was pretty
cool I thought. 

Thought I'd throw in the following, mostly "me-too" type comments WRT the
recent messages on here about Dilophosaurus and Chasmosaurus:

In response to the person commenting a few messages back about the size of
Spielberg's Dilophosaurus, I agree. The mount there is a lot bigger that
the JP "Spitttasaurus Spielbergensis", somewhere around 4 meters I'd

Chasmosaurus:Yes, the holes in the frill are huge. I'd say that based on
what I saw yesterday, they are at least a good 60% or so of the total area
of the frill.

Afrovenator: What are these rib-like structures that are present on
virtually every vertebrae from the neck down to the actual

Oh, and I got to see "Eric", the opalized Pliosaur. A really impressive
piece of replacement that one. Seeing ribs and paddles outlined in bright
white, orange and pink crystal instead of the usual brownish-grey was
really cool...

I'll announce when the pix make it to the web page....(The DPP/RTMP photo
essay project got put on hold when I came over here...I've got LOTs to do
this winter :) )