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Musings about JP and LW

Here I am watching Jurassic Park for the 3 squillionth time, and I have an
epiphany.  Perhaps this has already come up on the list.  If so, sorry for
bringing up an old subject.  

I found it interesting that all of the dinosaur DNA (we are told) was
extracted from insects fossilized in amber. The only source for the amber
that we see is the Mano de Dios amber mine in the Dominican Republic.   Even
assuming that the amber is the correct age, how big was the range of the
dinosaurs in question?  We have T. rex, "Velociraptor" (Utahraptor?) and
other assorted species whose DNA is showing up in bugs from the Dominican

Assuming the amber is mesozoic, what dinosaurs were likely to be in the
region of the sap?  

Any ideas?

Okay, lets give them the benefit of the doubt  and assume that Baltic amber
would work as well...

With something to think about...