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Re: Scandinavian dinos!!!....aaaaand some spinosaur sruff....

In a message dated 97-10-07 18:49:33 EDT, tkeese1@gl.umbc.edu writes:

<< The skeleton formerly
 associated with it is now _Becklespinax_, but it is still too
 indeterminate to be identified further than Tetanurae incertae sedis.
 I'm not sure about _Metriacanthosaurus_ -- AFAIK, Tetanurae incertae
 Hmmm... what about those two Tetanurae incertae sedis? Could they be
 spinosaurs that were wrongly removed? >>

The only known specimen of _Becklespinax_ is a set of three articulated and
very distinctive dorsal vertebrae with elongate neural spines. My best guess
at a family is Eustreptospondylidae or Sinraptoridae. The vertebrae have
nothing in common with those of _Spinosaurus_, which are opisthocoelous and
have much taller, differently shaped neural spines.