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Re: New Rigby Giant

In a message dated 97-11-07 00:36:36 EST, thelip@flash.net writes (quoting
Brian Franczak):

<< Could there BE another theropod in the Late Cretaceous THAT BIG that
 > we've never found any evidence for yet?). >>

Of course there could. The type specimen of _Dinotyrannus megagracilis_ comes
from an animal 80% the size of _Tyrannosaurus rex_ and it's a
juvenile/subadult with many unfused skull bones, etc. It differs in many
anatomical details from _Tyrannosaurus rex_, so that its original describer,
Ralph Molnar, refrained from placing it in that species (despite which many
workers continue to consider it a _Tyrannosaurus_ specimen) and instead
referred it to _Albertosaurus lancensis_ (now _Nanotyrannus lancensis_). Greg
Paul later (PDW) created the species _Albertosaurus megagracilis_ for it.

The way things are done now, if it's any large tyrannosaurid from Lance or
equivalent age, it's automatically referred to _Tyrannosaurus rex_, no
questions asked. Bad form.