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Re: Oz displays/museums


On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Brian Choo wrote:

[vaarious commentary on the collection @ the W.A. Museum]
> Incidentally, Mutt is definately NOT an iguanodontid/camptosaurid but a
> more primitive  ornithopod, probably lying in between hypsilophodontids and
> dryosaurs/tenontosaurus.
> Yes...I too am annoyed that both our big dino skeletons are in traditional
> tail-dragging poses. But you forgot to mention our Hypsilophodon which at
> least is tail-up.

Ooops..yeah, sorry 'bout leaving out the Hypsi(which I did see). I was
replaying things from what I took pictures of and remember skipping the
Hypsilophodon photowise 'cause it was behind glass and I'm not Steve
Parrish by any means when it comes to photo taking and avoiding the flash
glare on the case, etc.