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Re: Velociraptor

mark wrote:
> I am more than just a little confused.  I have been doing some research on
> dinosaurs and I found that Velociraptor had a size of 1.8m.  I want to know
> if this is correct.  

Exactly 1,8m. long.

>I am under the understanding that Velociraptor was only
> about .8m tall. 

0.8m. tall, yes...

>This information came from the Dinosaur Hunter Interactive
> software which I just picked up.  I am also interested in knowing if the
> correct weight was 15kg.  This seems a bit light for a 1.8m tall animal.

Look, the palaeontologists, knows basicly as much as you.
They have to compare the skeleton of Velociraptor whith birds and other 
animals, and 15 kg. is not THAT much, compared to the weight of for 
example a wolf, which is the same big, but weights over 45-50kg.