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Disney's "Dinosaurs"

I've read some appalling cyber-gossip concerning this CG 
(computer-generated) movie.  I've heard that this was initially to be a 
sort of CG nature program except concerning dinosaurs, which sounded 
great to me.

Now, according to D.B. Sweeney, an actor providing one of the dinosaurs 
with a voice (bad sign number 1), the movie will be about the end of the 
dinosaurs via bolide and how his dinosaur becomes a sort of saurian 
"Moses" to a pack of lemurs (!) who must be guided through the terrible 
after-effects of the bolide.  Presumably the Sweeney-saur promptly kicks 
the bucket when the lemurs find the milk and the honey. 

Am I the only person who thinks this sounds incredibly stupid?  For all 
the CG wizardry that's apparently being marshalled for this (or perhaps 
because of it), it sounds to me like Independence Day: a very impressive 
looking piece of garbage.

When will current technology be used to give us a good dinosaur movie? 
(Let's not even talk about Dinotopia, that triceratops-with-a-howdah 
extravaganza that will probably never be made anyway.)


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