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Re: Dino list breakfast

At 05:05 PM 11/7/97 EST, you wrote:
>In a message dated 97-10-11 03:35:41 EDT, sj@io.com writes:
><< The dino list breakfast was fun - thanks to Mary Kirkaldy for on-site
> organizing and taking many photos! About 20 people showed up. Wish Dr.
> Willis could have been here - I wanted to meet you, Paul! Maybe next year.
> Hope this event becomes a tradition. >>
>Absolutely agree. Too bad we were just a little rushed to get to the dinosaur
>talks that started right after. Next year, perhaps we could get together on a
>day when there aren't any early-morning dino talks, so we could sit around and
>yak a bit longer.


This requires, however, that we WAIT until the abstract volume is out before
scheduling the breakfast.  And, given that next year's meeting is even
earlier (and thus closer to when the abstract volume comes out) that we may
have to do the logistics at the last minute.

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