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For a look at Deinonychus feet the way I believe they really were, check
page 109 in Lowell Dingus' new book "The Mistaken Extinction".  At least
I'm not the only crank in the world.  The drawing makes total sense,
exactly as I have maintained, though scoffed at and shunned! HAH!  Also,
the size comparison to the human skeleton is interesting, with respect to
the Jurassic Park size stuff.  And this is the only second time I've seen
the story of Barnum Brown and "Daptosaurus" in any book.  Now, before you
get all excited, I'm not trying to slam Ostrom, Deinonychus as a cool and
important dinosaur or anyone/anything else.  I just feel that if
Deinonychus is so damn important, then its story in paleo history is also
important and should be fully told.