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Re: Disney's "Dinosaurs"

Ah! At last, an EASY question to answer. I have absolutely nothing useful to
contribute about Digits I,III,V, but this one...

Current techology will give us a "good" (by which, I assume, Larry means a
paleontologically accurate) dinosaur movie when:

a) an independent financial source puts up about $200 million dollars to
make the film regardless of whether or not it makes a profit. I, for one,
will be more than happy to produce such a film as soon as this wonderful
producer hands me the check. Having personally spent upwards of 6 to 12
years waiting for film projects to be financed, I can only say I hope I live
long enough for such a thing to happen.


b) the general public evinces some sort of genuine interest in such a film.
Judging by the fact that it takes the average IMAX nature film (some, but
not all of which, are very well produced from a scientific point of view)
nearly 5 years to make its money back, this magical shift in public taste is
not gonna happen any time while I'm still alive  Even if the T. rex IMAX 3D
film is a big success (which I suspect it will be) it doesn't mean that
everyone in Hollywood will rush to make a clone film. Already reports about
this film raise doubts as to its "veracity" in terms of paleontological

In addition, the Disney film was always planned to be a popular
entertainment. I'm not sure where the idea that it was ever going to be
different came from. Every single story sketch or plot synopsis that I've
seen for the past two years has been some riff on a Land Before Time type of
story.  In addition, various contributors to this list have been involved
with the Disney folks and to the best of my knowledge NONE of them still are
having left for a number of reasons not the least of which was a total
disillusionment with what Disney Feature Animation wanted to do.

In order to avoid early ulcers, it's helpful to remember that Hollywood is a
business. They are no more likely to make a scientific movie than Hostess is
to take the chocolate out of their cupcakes.


Larry Dunn wrote:

> I've read some appalling cyber-gossip concerning this CG
> (computer-generated) movie.  I've heard that this was initially to be a
> sort of CG nature program except concerning dinosaurs, which sounded
> great to me.
> When will current technology be used to give us a good dinosaur movie?
> Larry
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